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March 17, 2009


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Unlike the video i watched, i wanted my stats to be visual as well informative. i did this in a clever way as i strived to use something so small and make its impact bigger. An example of this is shown above, here i talk about the amount of sanitry towels i have estimately used through out my teen life. The imagery could be seen as shocking to some or comical either way it attempts to recieve a reaction from the viewer. I believe i pulled this off well with my pictures, but i do believe that i could have used my photoshop skills to manipulate it a little more to have an even bigger impact. Another improvement i could make is to make the slideshow flow more fluently, as it could be seen as a little messy. What i learnt from this task is how to develop my photoshop skills and also how to interact different medias using the internet to broadcast an object such as this visual stats slideshow.




Within a lecture examples of how to work with still images was shown to us students. My favourite visual still is from a man called Chris Jordan. Chris Jordan had the idea to show the visual aspects of consumption through the portray of his still images. So what i took from this was a similar idea but maybe it into my own by basing it on my personal consumption habits instead of using global statistics.


Convergence what is it? (My meaning)

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My definition of what convergence means, is the coming ogetherof different things from different directions and meeting to create only but one. Furthermore convergence means the functionality of one device that does multiple jobs. This occurs when multiple products come together to form one product, with the advantages of all of them.

A simple example of his would be Playstation3, Playstation3 is seen as a convergent as it consists of A game console, CD player, DvD player/Blu-ray, internet connector and so on. Moreover mobil phones are another convergent device as it could function as a digital camera, mp3, camcorder, voice recorder etc.

So as you can see from my perception of convergence, it simply suggests the joining of two things different two create a double, triple…. threat.

January 27, 2009

Visualisations! (I didn’t panic)

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This is the slideshow i created for the first artefact.

The objective of this task is to portray the communication of ideas and illustrate it into a visual form.

This is what i came out with. My slideshow shows estimated statistics in my life e.g. how much credit i use etc.

Here is the link to my visual stats images:


Sorry i didnt know how to publish to the side of my blog.

After watching a video on statistics in my lecture, i was determined and influenced to keep my stats powerful but simple.

January 13, 2009

What makes me happy

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Stefan Sagmeister take on the particular design he has come across through  his career, all held substance and a positive message, and I believe that’s why it makes him happy. As he is a graphic designer, he looked into what was design to make him happy and he came up with a few examples of adventurous designs who step out of the box to set out to do something totally different and unexpected.  Moreover I believe anyone and everyone can relate to the certain designs he had chosen because it was something odd to what we consider as the norm, for example when he explained how the public transport signs made him step back and actually take in the design. Personally it gave me a happy feeling too.

I can kind of relate to Stefan’s happy designs, because as a practising photographer, being in my element makes me happy, and in a lot of cases, this involves design and creativity. For me making something using only creativity, and trying to create something so new, to myself makes me happy, especially if the finish piece comes out just as I expected. I’ve attached a few images that I have taken that make me happy, and the reason why they achieve this is because as I said, with all the creativity I put in, I am glad to witness the result of it all.

January 6, 2009

Yes Hello world!

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Yes hello inded worldpress 😀

This is the exclusive blog by me Lisa Leonie Hippolyte, an 18 year old undergraduate student. The purpose of this blog is strictly to illustrate what i have discovered, acknowledge and learnt across the months of studying 112mc Convergent media practice.

From the looks of it this module is going to be very insightful, most of it i’m probably aware of already, the majority might be a struggle to learn, but hey thats the whole point of learning. Can’t wait to jump into it, i hear we will be studyin flash and photoshop my two favourite softwares.

Stay blessed

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